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Our friends over at the Scott Bike24 MTN Race Team are not only successful at marathon and enduro races using our bike parts. Following their team motto “Beyond Trail“, they regularly head out to new trail and gravel adventures, where they ride off the beaten track and discover new routes. There is probably no better way to test our Road Disc Carbon wheel set’s endurance than on such a trip. But find out yourself what happened in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains on the next pages:



Rémy Absalon, pro enduro MTB rider and multiple times megavalanche winner. He is riding for the Scott SR Suntour Enduro Team, 33 years old and I live in Les Vosges mountain (North East of France).

Can you describe you riding style?

I like to ride as fast as possible on the longest downhill possible. I ride quite smooth but I like to play with my bike, drifting even if it is not the most efficient 😉

What do you like to ride most?

Maybe I am a bit chauvinistic but I guess I prefer to ride at home, on super loamy trails! That’s so good, you can ride fast, you have grip, it is pretty easy to ride but very fun.

What are your goals for the upcoming season ? Do you have any special projects coming up ?

My main goals are the mass start DH marathon. I am pretty excited to race very soon the Mountain of Hell and the Megavalanche. The EWS are also a goal but not the final ranking but more to be strong on a few rounds. For the next project, there is the arrival of the new Scott Genius bike middle of June, so I am super happy to ride this new toy and also to do some promotion stuff like videos…

You are riding ACROS Nineteen Enduro hubs. What do you like about them?

I have tested several hubs the last years and I am very happy to ride the ACROS hubs now. It is high quality, it turns perfectly and it is very reliable : I often ride in the mud, wash the bike and it is not a problem, it is still working without any maintenance. But the thing I prefer is that when you start to pedal, the hub engages very rapidly.