November becomes „Movember“ again this year – a coinage of the word moustache and November. Movember was introduced several years back in Australia as a men’s health campaign. The idea: Men campaign for their health. Therefore men grow beards for 30 days to drive awareness and collect donations. Those donations are used by the Movember Foundation to tackle the biggest health issues of men: prostate and testicular cancer, mental health issues as well as suicide prevention. For this year we are taking part again – growing our beards and donating all top cap sales starting now throughout November.

„We already took part in Movember last year and are continuing this year. Because we think our health is the most important asset we have. The news surrounding the fate of Jared Graves have unfortunately shown this again. #strengthforjared
Accordingly, we want to sensitize the cycling community and will all grow our beards again. – Maybe you are down to do so, too?!
 – Axel Brunst, ACROS

Apart from that all our top caps – the classic designs as well as new Movember designs – are on sale for 9,90€ until Novemeber 30th. All revenue we will donate to the charitable Movember Foundation, which is supporting and financing projects worldwide.

Get your Topcap and donate

“The topcaps are lasered inhouse in Germany. Depending on the design, you can customize them with individual text, such as your name.”

“Movember is a great chance to increase your own consciousness of health and also to remind your friends about it. Be part of this great initiative and grow your beards this November! – Through #Movember you can share your support with the global Movember community.”

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