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A good-looking stiff stirs up the city: The ACROS Urban Pedal!

At the end of the day we identify as mountain and road bikers - but let’s not fool ourselves: On the way to the supermarket, the ice cream shop or the playground with the kids, we usually ride our city bike – like an unglamorous stiff. And even though nowadays city bikes and e-bikes (did we just say e-bikes?!) are thought through and fully equipped, they are usually missing the perfect fitting pedal. That’s why we developed the ACROS Urban pedal with a [...]

INTERVIEW | LET´S TALK PEDAL – With Enduro Pro and Engineer Fabian Scholz

It is our aim to guarantee you the best possible time on your bike. Reason enough to introduce you to the creative minds behind our products. This is why we had breakfast with enduro racer and engineer Fabian Scholz, who has developed our A-Flat pedals. Fabian prepared a deliciousmespresso with his old La Pavoni machine and over coffee and croissants, we spoke about his career as a racer and engineer and the development process of the A-Flat pedals. It is our aim to guarantee you the best possible time on your bike. Reason [...]

INTERVIEW | Winter Training with Rémy Absalon

For many years the Absalon brothers are dominating the mountain bike racing scene. ACROS supports Remy Absalon and the Scott SR Suntour Enduro Team for the second season now with hubs and bearings. Remy knows how to handle a mountain bike and is dropping the hammer on his enduro bike in the EWS and at the Megavalanche. Reason enough for us to take the opportunity to visit him at home to spend a typical day of training and hand him his new material over for the upcoming season. For many years the [...]


This month is Movember again. “Movember” is an artificial word and is composed out of the French and English word for Mustache and November It refers to a donation marathon, originally from Australia. The idea behind the campaign launched in Adelaide in 2003 is that men are fighting for men's health. They grow themselves a stache for 30 days and thereby attract attention, collecting money for prostate and testicular cancer research. Unfortunately each of us knows a sad story. The “Movember” is a good opportunity to raise your awareness for your and your [...]


„ACROS PIVOT PERFORMANCE SEALING“ - APPS Usually the pivot bearings on Full-Suspension bikes are worn out after one season Longer travel of modern rear suspension systems put more pressure on the pivot bearings Full-Suspension E-Bikes have a higher weight putting more pressure on the pivot bearings Cleaning with high-pressure cleaners and aggressive bike cleaning fluids wash out thE grease of the bearing – running dry and wear out ! Last long-term bike test in the Mountainbike Magazine (01/17) showed same set of problems Regular cartridge bearing with only one sealing is not good enough protected againt [...]


INSIDE ACROS   There are precious few companies who hand-make their hubs in-house these days. Most people can point to the likes of Hope and Chris King, who are rightly known for their commitment to high quality parts and shunning the easy path of Far-Eastern manufacturing. Yet after that the list of names tends to dwindle. There is one name that is all too-often left off those lists, at least it is outside Germany. That name is Acros - Matt Wragg READ MORE ON PINKBIKE