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12x100mm Thru Axle Conversion Kit for NINETEEN Road Disc Hubs

Disc-brakes on cyclocross and roadbikes are here to stay. They offer more brake power but also imply different forces on frame and fork. Therefore new axle standards such as the 12mm thru axle are necesssary. Furthermore they are stiffer and lighter than the conventional axle standards.   The conversion kit 12x100mm will be soon available! WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES? Stiffness 12mm True axles are siffer than the conventional standards such as true axle 9mm and quick release 9mm Lightness They offer weight advantages compared to conventional standards

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Even better? Yes! NEW Sealing Technologies for 2017

 Even better? Yes! NEW Sealing Technologies for 2017 We are constantly improving our products to resist the growing environmental influences such as high-pressure washing stations and aggressive bike cleaners. Therefore from 2017 headsets and bottom brackets will be upgraded with especially tough sealing technologies in places where it matters the most. INJECTION SEALING New for the year 2017 is a sturdy vulcanized seal bonded to the compression ring and the base plate as an additional and first barrier against water and dirt. V-LIP In addition to the new vulcanized seal on the compression ring and the base plate, the sealing discs of [...]

Welcome Remy Absalon and Elliot Trabac to the ACROS sponsored rider team!

We are super happy and proud to welcome the french enduro rider Remy Absalon and cross country riders Elliot Trabac to the ACROS sponsored rider team! Both will be riding our NINETEEN hubs Duke rims.    

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