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The Standardized Headset Identification System (S.H.I.S.) creates a common language for describing modern bicycle headsets. The system provides comprehensive and scalable headset fitment information in a standardized format; making it easy to communicate headset requirements based on frame and fork interfaces. The system addresses the critical interface dimensions required to fit a fork to a frame, as well as bearing location/cup type.

To determine fit, four dimensions are needed:
1. head-tube top inside diameter
2. head-tube bottom inside diameter
3. stem-clamp diameter of fork
4. crown-race seat diameter of fork

Bearing location and cup-type are identified as external cup (EC), semi-integrated zero stack (ZS), or integrated (IS).


Steuersatz Einpresswerkzeug

New parts for the most-loved of all vehicles, the bike, are always a popular topic of discussion amongst friends. A new suspension fork, new brakes or a cutting-edge shifting system — anyone has an opinion about these things, and often they are worlds apart from each other. But there are also the small, inconspicuous things that most people tend to forget until — on a ride after a stressful work day or a crossing of the Alps — they are suddenly struggling to turn their squeaky headset. 

At ACROS, we have been addressing problems like this for more than 15 years. Being a subsidiary company of a bearing manufacturer, we use our extensive know-how in bearing technology to develop headsets that won’t let you down. Producing our exceptional, high-end stainless steel bearings is pretty complex but worth the effort because of their superior durability. This way, we have been setting new standards in the aftermarket for years. 


Optimised seals keep the interior of your headset free of moisture and dirt.  Furthermore, our bearing grease was specifically designed to ensure a stable lubrication even at lows peed and under high pressure. Overall, our headsets offer you a superior performance that leaves you carefree, no matter in which conditions you are riding your bike.

Continuous progress is an important part of our philosophy at ACROS, and we are constantly striving to further develop our mutual passion — biking.

Our new “fiber technology“ is a result of these efforts, featuring a bearing cup and a headset cover made from fibre-reinforced high-polymer. A drastically improved shock damping, which increases your bearings’ durability, an intelligent two-component sealing technology, and a weight reduction of 20% to 30% impressively illustrate our new technology’s potential.

We will continue trying our best to produce products that you can rely on because the details are not the details, they make the product.