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A-FLAT MD Pedals

The A-Flat MD platform pedals offer ultimate grip in all weather conditions. Thanks to the large notches, they are self-cleaning. The MD pedals offer impressive functionality and high-end workmanship at a fair price, and thus are our bestseller!

Material: AL/Cr-Mo Axle
Bearing: extra long slide bearing / stainless steel cartridge bearings
Sealing: sealing washer
Size: 100 x 98 x 18 mm (Trittfläche LxBxH) / 8 Pins per side
Weight: 343 g
Price: 74,95€ incl. VAT


German company Acros is well known (in Europe anyway) for their excellent headsets and hubs, but now you can add pedals to that same list. The new A-Flat pedals ooze quality. The machined body has been pared down to just what’s needed, but the A-Flat’s have a large platform size…

Acros A-Flat Pedals Review, pinkbike

The platform on these is huge at 12cm long which along with great pin placement equates to maximum grip. Slipping a pedal is not a problem with these big boys. Although there are similar looking pedals for less money the Acros’ will outlast them thanks to their superb bearing quality, and even the pins seem to stand up to more abuse than others…

DIRT 100: ACROS A-FLAT, dirtmountainbike